About Coast 2 Coast Mycology

Coast 2 Coast Mycology (C2C) is dedicated to producing incredible isolations and curating the best mushroom cultures. We started this company in 2022 to decentralize access to these incredible genetics.

All of our mushroom products are liquid culture, NOT spores.
Our team has spent the past four years working full-time on mushrooms, and years prior as hobbyists.
We ship to all 50 states.

Why liquid culture instead of spores?

Spores are like the seed of a mushroom. You’ll see them as little black or grey dots in water in a syringe. They have a pretty decent lifespan unrefrigerated, but the fact is spores are sporadic and don’t produce dependable results. Spores are for professional mycologists to start a new genetic line and optimize the best performing mushrooms before creating clones for growers to use. Spores have a much higher failure rate.

Liquid culture is early stage mycelium. It is like a clone, or an embryo of mushroom. If you’ve ever grown cannabis, you know the difference between growing from seed vs clone. Liquid culture is not water – the liquid should be not quite clear – it’ll usually have a mild “honey tone” to it. Suspended in that liquid should be a slightly different light-color-toned substance of “clouds” of mycelium. Over time, clouds can congregate to one area of the syringe. You can swirl and shake the syringe, even vigorously, to separate the clouds to get a better look at them.

Liquid culture is created by cloning a mushroom that was intentionally cultivated for performance. Liquid culture has a much higher success rate for growers in general, but especially in all-in-one bags. 

Liquid culture does require refrigeration for long-term storage. It can survive at room temperature for a few months, and when traveling to you in shipping, but should be refrigerated for long-term preservation. It can last roughly a year (or more!) this way. Do not overheat OR freeze your liquid culture. Liquid culture is alive, and doing so could kill it.

Note: From April 1st to October 1st, and during heat waves in the fall and winter, we ship all of our liquid culture products with ice packs.

These products are for research purposes.

Please email us at info@c2cmyco.com with any questions, or for the password access to our wholesale page!