Artisan Mycelium Culture Isolations

Setting higher standards

When mycology becomes passion,
when we reach for the more profound,
what we learn from that journey
are the higher standards that lead us forward.

Liquid CUlture
Not Spores

The world is evolving.
Mushroom genetics are evolving much faster.

It’s controversial but it’s true.
Spores have no place among mushroom growers.
Not anymore.

Spores are sporadic.
You don’t know what kind of children you’ll get.
Spores are only for artisan mycologists,
spending 6 months to a year,
to isolate new champions.

Liquid Culture is early stage live mushroom mycelium,
suspended in a nutrient solution,
stored in our 12mL syringe.

The difference is night and day.
Liquid Culture is more than 10 times better than spores.
Quicker colonization.
Higher performance.
Targeted experience.
Your mushrooms are now more meaningful.

Every grow environment deserves the best genetics.
Respect the passion of talented mycologists.
Enjoy far more profound mushrooms.
Share the love and wisdom they bring us.

Product Highlights

A Genetics Library That Researchers Dream About

Legal Disclaimer

Do whatever you want.
The intellectual property of these genetics belongs to all the future mushrooms they become.
Mushroom genes want to spread.
Please share, trade, reproduce or sell these genetics however you like, to help us get the most meaningful mushrooms further out there.

Coast 2 Coast Mycology is committed to constant improvement.
We will never stop evolving our genetics.
Every new drop is our past love.
Join us as we explore our future.

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